Press Conference

Gary Loomis Interview

Having a chance to sit down with Gary Loomis and understand a little more of his impact that he has bestowed upon the fishing industry through years of dedication and hard work through a series of questions! Here is what I have put tougher hope you all enjoy!

Gary Loomis is known for his speciality rod designing and crafting for companies such as Lamiglas, GLoomis, Temple Fork OutFitters, and Edge Rods. While he is a machinist by trade, he truly is a passionate rod builder and fisherman by heart. What sets him apart from all the designers out there is his constant desire to create a better setup that exceeds his fellow fishermen’s expectations. He is driven by feedback and inspired by perfection, coming out of “retirement” an astounding 7 times to further the advancement of rod technology. “There’s a gap between doubting and believing, and that is what I want to fill,” stated Gary.

In 1973 Gary teamed up with graphite engineers from Boeing to create an industrial computer program for small scale structural graphite designs. From there, he mastered the element of graphite rod building, which had never been done before, thus revolutionizing the industry for decades to come. In 1975 Gary worked with Lamiglas to produce graphite rods and get them in more avid fishermen’s hands. Five years later, Gary launched Loomis composites, and later established Loomis Franklin, which would become the World’s largest producer of graphite fishing rods.

Gary never stopped tinkering, trying to better the quality of his rods. For years he was seeking the optimum lightweight and sensitivity design. His breakthrough was in two materials, IMX and GLX , which became industry leading materials. It was important to him that the rods could absorb more shock without sacrificing the the sensitivity and castability. Normally it’s the initial shock from the hookset that causes the line to snap, so he needed the rod to be able to absorb that initial blow and withstand the ensuing fight. With all of those thoughts in his head Gary created reputable rods that got people noticing…specifically Shimano, which bought his brand GLoomis in 1995.

After Gary sold GLoomis, he focused his efforts on maintaining and restoring fisheries that had sparked his love for the sport as a child. One non-profit organization that is important to him is Fish First. Fish First’s mission is: to restore native Pacific Ocean salmon and steelhead runs to levels sufficient enough to support responsible harvest by commercial, tribal and non commercial fishermen. Another way that he advocates conservation and preservation is through donating time and money to the Coastal Conservation Association, which spans 17 coastal states along the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. He also purchased the rights to Cedar Creek, a river he grew up fishing, in an effort to stop commercial and recreational gill netting to restore the steelhead and chinook populations. Overall, Gary remembers where the passion was born, fishing the waters of the Pacific Northwest for steelhead and chinook salmon, and stated many times: “I want there to be fish left for you, and anglers of your generation!”