Bluewater jig fishing

Fishing jigs over reefs in the blue waters of the golf of Mexico, is a proven way to catch a multitude of species from snapper to grouper and even king fish. These fish live around these reefs and aggressively feed throughout the day. When fishing these jigs over the reef, Anglers can utilize a few […]

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Bluewater snapper fishing

Snapper fishing the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico is an awesome fishery. When targeting snapper offshore in the blue waters anglers can have success all day long from sun up till sundown. When targeting these snapper, they often cooperate very well making them ideal for offshore fishing. At times these snapper can be […]

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Trolling Live baits

Trolling live bait is always been a sheer staple of fishing the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. From wahoo to king mackerel, trolling live baits can produce bites from a different array of pelagic fish. A few of my favorite live baits include; threadfin herring, blue runners and cigar Minnows, (that is if […]

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Bluewater Grouper Fishing

Bluewater Grouper Fishing is one of the oldest traditions in the Gulf of Mexico waters! Finding some of the biggest Grouper in the depths of the Gulf. With pictures of behemoth sized fish from generations before, these catches last a lifetime. These are the kind of fish that are worthy of a replica mount, or […]

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Spring time Yellowtail

In the fresh spring currents in the bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico, The yellowtail bite appears and excels during this time of year. During the longer days and warmer waters the yellowtail feed over the right reefs and wrecks. When big schools in big numbers of yellowtail show up, the fishing can be at […]

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Spring Time Goliath Grouper

When the water starts to warm up in the Gulf of Mexico the goliath grouper start to become a lot more active from 40 miles offshore to even near shore. As the water temperature warms up the goliath grouper start to feed more aggressively and become even a bit territorial. When the water hits the […]

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Night Fishing for Grouper

sometimes when the bite gets finicky the best way to increase your odds as an angler is to take to the water at night, when the sun sets over the horizon, the bite comes alive. for certian species that can become finicky during certain times of the year like snapper and grouper, the best way […]

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Gulf of Mexico Mahi-Mahi

Throughout the late spring and summer months mahi-mahi become more abundant in the offshore bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico. These Mahi are great to target whether site casting or trolling, usually found off floating structure, these mahi-mahi feed aggressively and cooperate very well with the anglers. Feeding at the surface the mahi-mahi is an […]

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Targeting Grouper Offshore

When targeting a specific species like grouper offshore in the bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico an angler must locate fertile fishing grounds in 70-120ft. Whether this means locating bottom structure, bait or even contour changes it is key to locating where the grouper’s might be holding to said spot, in all that Bluewater. Once […]

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Fly Fishing the Beaches

While fishing the flat sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico anglers opt for a fly rod in hand, the insatiable feel of coming tight on a variety of different flats species always showcase’s the difficultly of the catch on light tackle and illuminates the challenge and glory behind successfully landing the fish! A mere […]

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