Kite fishing for surface pelagics

Kite fishing goggle eyes on conventional reels for, pelagic, sailfish and other surface predators! While targeting sailfish, tunas and wahoos, kite fishing is a great tactic to utilize. The technique of kite fishing allows for the Angler to get the bait stealthy away from the boat. In addition to covering a vast amount of water […]

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Selecting live baits offshore

While their is a variety of different baits to load up on and put in the livewell when targeting a variety of different species offshore. There are also a few different bait patterns that arise and diffuse throughout the year with the following weather patterns. Some choice baits for offshore, while fishing almost year round […]

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Color Selection in the Spring!

    When it comes to Angling, color selection plays a big role in the days success. Color selection can sometimes feel a bit over whelming, but deciphering the colors that fish tend to bite best is extremely advantageous for the angler. So here are a few tips to note while choosing colors for the […]

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Sight Casting Mahi-Mahi !!

Pitching ballyhoos at mahi-mahi is a simple way to catch these pelagic’s effectively, dolphinfish cooperate very well and are a sporty and fun gamefish to target. These colorful schools of fish, feed aggressively at the surface, crashing flying fish and other bait, they usually tend to cling to floating structure. When locating these fish offshore […]

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Butterfly Jigs for Tuna and Wahoo

  Fishing with butterfly jigs and other speed jigs is like no other, dropping your polished metal jig to the ocean floor with steel leader and 30lb braid, then speed retrieving it up the water column is bound to produce some serious bites. Fishing around bottom structure and bait make these jigs ideal. As they […]

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Nighttime Fishing for Swordfish

    While often times anglers target swordfish during the day with a technique called deep dropping, that usually includes pulling a 5lb weight in nearly 1000ft of water, (170 fathoms.) Yet, “deep dropping” is most effective when the sun is high in the sky, while the swordfish are down low at the ocean floor, […]

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