Gulf of Mexico Mahi-Mahi

Throughout the late spring and summer months mahi-mahi become more abundant in the offshore bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico. These Mahi are great to target whether site casting or trolling, usually found off floating structure, these mahi-mahi feed aggressively and cooperate very well with the anglers. Feeding at the surface the mahi-mahi is an […]

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Targeting Grouper Offshore

When targeting a specific species like grouper offshore in the bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico an angler must locate fertile fishing grounds in 70-120ft. Whether this means locating bottom structure, bait or even contour changes it is key to locating where the grouper’s might be holding to said spot, in all that Bluewater. Once […]

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Fly Fishing the Beaches

While fishing the flat sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico anglers opt for a fly rod in hand, the insatiable feel of coming tight on a variety of different flats species always showcase’s the difficultly of the catch on light tackle and illuminates the challenge and glory behind successfully landing the fish! A mere […]

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Bottom Fishing with Artificials

When bottom fishing the bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico a good technique to utilize is fishing a lure on or around the bottom. For both grouper and snapper, 4 ounce to a half ounce jig works best when targeting these species offshore anywhere from 40ft to 120 feet of water. Fishing the lure with […]

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Bluewater Sight Casting

Whether you’re fishing for triple tail, tuna or cobia, sight casting is one of the most effective methods. Sight casting is defined as (Visibly acquiring a target species at the surface or subsurface and accurately casting to the proximity of said target to entice a bite.) Typically light, and in some cases heavy tackle is […]

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Bottom Fishing the Gulf

When fishing offshore in the blue waters of the gulf, a fundamental technique is bottom fishing, (fishing a bait, lure or hook, on or near the bottom of the ocean floor enticing bites.) This technique is intended to target fish who spend most of their time gliding over the sandy bottom of the gulf. When […]

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Bluewater Trolling

Offshore Trolling is a very effective way to catch some really big fish as well as a variety of species from wahoo, to blue marlin and mahi mahi, even spearfish and grouper. For years trolling both lures and natural baits at variable rates of speed have proven to be extremely successful techniques. Lets further breakdown […]

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Summer time Fishing for Swordfish

plenty of amazing stories of giant billed broadbill swordfish heaved up from the deep and immaculate catches that start as stories that  become legends, these stories inspire young anglers and remind other anglers of spectacular deep water dwelling creatures. Stories that are passed down from generation to generations and memories that last a lifetime. These […]

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Summertime fishing for groupers.

Summertime is a productive time of year to target groupers offshore. The difference for the grouper fishery between early spring and mid-late summer is the distance. In the spring the grouper tend to be closer inshore frequently moving on the bottom looking for fresh meals, where as by the time the water temperature is well […]

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Summertime Sailfish

Many anglers can find an active Sailfish fishery and bite throughout the spring and summer months in the bluewater. Commonly throughout the spring, during the warming water trends and massive migrations of bait, sailfish are commonly found offshore feeding near and around the surface. Many anglers look to target these sailfish in the Gulf waters […]

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