Springtime bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico. When bottom Fishing in the late spring fishing can be at its best Grouper are abundant further offshore and the snapper bite tends to pick up. During these spring months on certain days the bite can really go off. From snapper limits to Gag Grouper limits […]

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Springtime tripletail

When Fishing offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, during the spring time the triple tail bite seems to pick up. Some of the key features to target is obviously floating structure, whether it be a floating palette or weed line it has to be some sort of structure to hold the triple tail in place. […]

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Bluewater Sight casting

When sight casting the bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico anglers get to enjoy the visual action just beneath the surface! Typically when sight casting, Angler’s first acquire a target whether it be a school of Spanish mackerel busting at the surface on glass minnows, tunas swarming behind a shrimp boat or even triple tail […]

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Springtime reef fishing

In the spring, the intricate reef systems of the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico begin to bloom with life. When The reefs come to life, fishing can be at its pinnacle. Giving anglers plenty of opportunity to catch a variety of species from all over the spectrum. One of the neat things about […]

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Springtime Snapper

During the springtime in the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico the bite really begins to heat up. With warmer water temps the fishing really begins to turn on. Fishing for spring time snapper in the bluewaters of the Gulf is just heating up! Snapper known for their aggressive bites and big schools of fish […]

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Springtime Spanish mackerel

In the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico, during the spring, bait becomes more abundant than ever as the water temperatures begin to rise. Both pilchards and glass minnows begin to actively school up in bait balls around the reefs and wrecks, stacking up in the water column. When this happens it draws in predator […]

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Springtime Grouper

When fishing for Grouper in the early spring time there are plenty of ways to target these Grouper offshore. When water temperatures heat up and the fish push a further bit offshore, the bite can be on fire. Anglers can have plenty of luck implementing the same techniques to catch Grouper, that work well year […]

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Amberjack in the Bluewater

When fishing for greater amberjack in the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico anglers can easily target these jacks off the the reefs and wrecks. Similar to other pelagic species such as king mackerel, these AJ hang around the reefs swimming in schools. Anglers can use a few different presentations when fishing for these schools. […]

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Bluewater Reef Fishing

When fishing the reefs in the Bluewaters waters of the Gulf of Mexico Anglers can expect a fun day fishing filled with all sorts of species. Showcasing all the abundance of life and diversity that live on the reef. From Grouper and snapper to cobia and African pompano anglers can target a wide variety of […]

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