Summer time Fishing for Swordfish

plenty of amazing stories of giant billed broadbill swordfish heaved up from the deep and immaculate catches that start as stories that  become legends, these stories inspire young anglers and remind other anglers of spectacular deep water dwelling creatures. Stories that are passed down from generation to generations and memories that last a lifetime. These […]

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Summertime fishing for groupers.

Summertime is a productive time of year to target groupers offshore. The difference for the grouper fishery between early spring and mid-late summer is the distance. In the spring the grouper tend to be closer inshore frequently moving on the bottom looking for fresh meals, where as by the time the water temperature is well […]

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Summertime Sailfish

Many anglers can find an active Sailfish fishery and bite throughout the spring and summer months in the bluewater. Commonly throughout the spring, during the warming water trends and massive migrations of bait, sailfish are commonly found offshore feeding near and around the surface. Many anglers look to target these sailfish in the Gulf waters […]

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Springtime Tunas

Targeting tunas and feeding patterns during the spring and summers months. Tunas are constantly feeding offshore during the occurring weather patterns and moon phases. As weather and water temperatures become more ideal, the strong warm currents funnel bait and the tunas closer in offshore. Following the occurring bait pattens they also feed extremely heavily and […]

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Summertime Wahoo Fishing

During the summer months the wahoo become more common & abundant offshore, stalking the reefs and wrecks from afar usually suspended 40ft off the bottom in 80plus feet of water. These wahoo wait as schools of snapper, tunas and mackerels swim on by, these streamline rockets with impeccable racing stripes are one of the fastest […]

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Springtime Yellowtail Fishing

During the mid to late spring months the yellowtail snapper move closer in offshore on the wrecks and ledges, giving a fun and ample opportunity for anglers to catch these sporty and tasty fish on light tackle, using both spin and conventional setups throughout spring and early summer is ideal when targeting these gamefish. As […]

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Summer Time Fishing

    Summer time fishing can offer some of the finest fishing offshore, more so than any other time of year. During the summer months some of the warmest currents all year move closer in. Both baitfish and gamefish are abundant offshore during these long warm summer days. Many anglers have luck finding bitting fish […]

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Sport Fishing for Goliath Grouper

When fishing for the Goliath grouper, targeting wrecks anywhere from 30-60ft typically hold a Goliath grouper or two offshore, depending on the time of year, bottom structure, & viable food source. Sometimes structures can hold even a whole school during the right time of year. When finding the correct structure, bigger bottom structures like ship […]

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