Summertime Yellowtail’n

During the summer months the Yellowtail bite seems to stay steady. These aggressive yet finicky snapper are caught in the bluewaters of the Gulf over reefs and wrecks. These snapper seem to bite best nearing a full moon and feed heaviest during those times. Targeting these snapper with light jigs and small leader is essential, […]

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Summer time Grouper fishing

In the summer as the water temperatures heat up in the gulf, the Grouper push out a little farther. Although typically in deeper water this time of year the Grouper bite is just as good as anytime of year! The Grouper bite really fires up offshore from 60-120ft of water, in the Gulf of Mexico. […]

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Summer time mahi fishing

During the summer months, when the waters are warmest in the gulf, schools of mahi show up offshore! During this time we typically see schools of fish ranging from a single mahi to up to 20 fish in a school, the mahi all tend to be smaller in the 3-5lb class. These dorados are found […]

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Summer time bottom Fishing

During the summer months as the water heats past 83 degrees the fish on the bottom move further out. Targeting both snapper and Grouper requires getting further offshore. Fishing in 60-120ft of water can make all the difference during the summertime, in the gulf. Finding bait and structure is key. These two components will definitely […]

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Finesse fishing the bottom

In the summer heat the pressure can really be a factor. The bite often slows down on average days. Using light tackle can help improve catch ratios. Certain species like Yellowtail and mangrove snapper shy away from heavier tackle and become less aggressive on certain days making them tough to catch. A great technique for […]

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Light Tackle Snapper

When fishing in the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico, using light tackle can really work to an Anglers advantage! Fishing in 30ft + of depth is where an angler can really use light tackle to work for them. By downsizing line and outfit an Anglers have a more precise feel for their bait when […]

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Summer time reef fishing

In the summer time the water is much warmer, and begins to hold a vaster diversity of life. Typically grouper and snapper are most abundant on the reefs during the summer months. Species like amberjack and barracuda hang around the reef, even big kingfish and cobia are caught off the reef. In addition during the […]

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Summer time triple tail

During the summer, in the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico the bite really heats up! The triple tail, a slightly nomadic species, tend to congregate around floating structure. With the summer months here and the crab traps high and dry, the triple tail tend to move further inshore clinging to any available structure. Targeting […]

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Late spring reef fishing

As the water temperatures continue to warm up in the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, The bite over the reef only gets better. The fishing continues to heat up as new species from the deep blue show up on the reef. Bait usually tends to be in abundance. Often times bites from big […]

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Full moon snapper fishing

When fishing the bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico, certain periods of times make for even better fishing. One of those times is during and around the full moon! When there is a full moon that shines bright on the water at night and has a strong tidal effect, can have a positive effect on […]

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