Ryan Collins- a Bluewater Fisherman who grew up catching Kingfish off the beaches. Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna in the Gulf Stream, I have had the opportunity of fishing in a variety of different offshore Bluewater events, and have done quite well, a couple tournament wins and a couple top 5 finishes.

My love for Bluewater grew more and more the older I got, & has continued to grow my central passion and focus into the offshore realm of fishing. A licensed U.S.C.G Offshore Captain.

“Simply, like any Angler I enjoy the fight of the fish. Catching and observing a creature that lives in a totally different world , but yet the same exact one as us. The unknown of hooking into a water dwelling beast, with teeth, and a specimen that can melt a drag. I respect these creatures and I appreciate this art and sport, the time on the water is priceless, and is a personal sanctuary I go to find peace. It truly is almost, an indescribable feeling when you feel the tug on the other end of line every time, especially in bluewaters! This is one of my own connections with the outdoors that has drawn me to the water time and time again since I was a pup.”