Summertime Yellowtail’n

During the summer months the Yellowtail bite seems to stay steady. These aggressive yet finicky snapper are caught in the bluewaters of the Gulf over reefs and wrecks. These snapper seem to bite best nearing a full moon and feed heaviest during those times. Targeting these snapper with light jigs and small leader is essential, some anglers prefer pilchards and a 1/0 hook, to catch these yellowtails. Which ever technique that you go about it, Anglers have the opportunity to catch multiple fish, especially when the school is fired up and feeding aggressively! When the snapper are actively feeding in your chum slick this is when Anglers have fun catching a multitude of snapper. These Yellowtail are fun to target on light tackle and make for a fun fight. These pretty little snapper can make for a fun day of reef fishing, anglers can boat up to 10 snapper per angler. These snapper are a treat to catch offshore and are found out in the gulf waters, throughout the summer months. I highly recommend giving Yellowtail snapper fishing a try if you get the chance.

-Ryan Collins

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