Summer time Grouper fishing

In the summer as the water temperatures heat up in the gulf, the Grouper push out a little farther. Although typically in deeper water this time of year the Grouper bite is just as good as anytime of year! The Grouper bite really fires up offshore from 60-120ft of water, in the Gulf of Mexico. This time of year fish are still holding to rocks and structure. But the average Grouper seems to be a little bigger in the summer months. These fish require heavy tackle to get the job done properly. Big fish are pretty common throughout the summer. Finding the Grouper’s deep water haunts are also important. These spots may hold upwards of 10 Grouper at one spot! That’s a lot of Grouper, since they rarely school up. Big fish like these are rarely seen feeding together, but in the summer they are seen in the same general vicinity. Where you get one bite, you might get 5 more! So locating a good Grouper spot is important. Groupers are not to picky they eat anything from sardines, pinfish, mullet to even cut ballyhoo. Some anglers prefer to catch them on artificial jigs and lures. These lures also work well during the summertime when big groupers are feeding aggressively on the bottom. Grouper fishing in the summer can be one of the best times to get out and target Grouper. I recommend giving Grouper fishing in the summertime a try if you get the chance.

-Ryan Collins

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