Summer time mahi fishing

During the summer months, when the waters are warmest in the gulf, schools of mahi show up offshore! During this time we typically see schools of fish ranging from a single mahi to up to 20 fish in a school, the mahi all tend to be smaller in the 3-5lb class. These dorados are found anywhere from 50-70 miles offshore. These dodo Mahi’s are great table fair. Anglers can target these schoolie mahi by either trolling both natural and artificial baits behind the boat. Live chumming and Sight casting to these lively mahi is another great way to effectively catch these schoolies. These mahi when found in a big school near the surface, will often start a feeding frenzy, they tend to bite very well and is a great fish to target for all levels of anglers. These fun, vibrant, colorful fish also put up a great fight, leaping out of the water and even changing colors! Some of the coolest sights to visualize in the water! These fish are a triple threat, easy to target, great fighting and great eating. I personally love these fish for those reasons and a few more. But I highly recommend giving Mahi Mahi (dorado) fishing a try if you get the chance it is a great fish for all levels of anglers!

-Ryan Collins

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