Summer time bottom Fishing

During the summer months as the water heats past 83 degrees the fish on the bottom move further out. Targeting both snapper and Grouper requires getting further offshore. Fishing in 60-120ft of water can make all the difference during the summertime, in the gulf. Finding bait and structure is key. These two components will definitely be a factor in fish holding on the bottom. This time of year fish can be a bit finicky, especially when the tides are weak and current is slow. The best bet to catching a multitude of fish is as always the go to, live bait. Fishing live and natural baits work best this time of year when bottom Fishing. Lastly light tackle is a good option for certain species such as Yellowtail and mangrove snapper, that are lightly feeding on the bottom. Whereas heavy tackle is required for red snapper and big Carbo Grouper feeding heavily off the bottom! Having a range of outfits is important this time of year, the angler can take advantage of a few different bites across the spectrum. Even mahi are known to show up this time of year, so you better have a rod ready to go if you run across some schoolies! Summertime fishing can produce some incredible fish so I highly recommend running offshore and fishing the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico!

-Ryan Collins

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