Finesse fishing the bottom

In the summer heat the pressure can really be a factor. The bite often slows down on average days. Using light tackle can help improve catch ratios. Certain species like Yellowtail and mangrove snapper shy away from heavier tackle and become less aggressive on certain days making them tough to catch. A great technique for improving bites is to down size, hook, leader and line to help increase bites from finicky fish. Using even smaller sized jigs is another effective example. When fishing on the bottom these smaller baits and presentations seem to help increase the odds of a catch. Often times this type of finesse fishing is over looked. This technique is proven true. Fishing the lighter outfits provide a stealthy approach when the fish are shy and finicky. This approach can be a total game changer when the bite is tough. Slow days almost require a down size in tackle when fishing over the wreck. This technique is what I tend to catch most fish on when the bite is tough on a day where the tide is mostly slack, and the moon phase is out of wack. I recommend giving this technique a try next time the fishing forecast doesn’t line up for you the angler.

-Ryan Collins

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