Light Tackle Snapper

When fishing in the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico, using light tackle can really work to an Anglers advantage! Fishing in 30ft + of depth is where an angler can really use light tackle to work for them. By downsizing line and outfit an Anglers have a more precise feel for their bait when fishing the water column.

Using light tackle is especially effective when the bite is not super hot, for instance it’s a weak tide. Secondly light tackle is great for an angler when targeting species like black fin tuna and mangrove snapper that have great eyesight and are not easily fooled. Light tackle is also very effective specifically for yellowtail snapper! When these finicky fish tend to hesitate to bite heavy gear, light tackle often times excel at getting bit. Light tackle is perfect for these snapper that shy away from the pressures of the boat and gear. Light tackle is pretty incredible and really adds an excitement offshore because the old adage is true, that “elephants eat peanuts” an angler might never expect the big fish they might hook into when using light tackle offshore! For these reasons is why I use light tackle offshore in certain situations, usually to increase odds of catching more fish! I prefer to use 15lb braid tied off to 17lb fluorocarbon leader and that usually gets a bite or two. I suggest bringing a light tackle outfit with you next time you head out offshore!

-Ryan Collins

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