Summer time triple tail

During the summer, in the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico the bite really heats up! The triple tail, a slightly nomadic species, tend to congregate around floating structure. With the summer months here and the crab traps high and dry, the triple tail tend to move further inshore clinging to any available structure. Targeting buoys and other floating structure tend to hold these triple tail. But a few key features that make a buoy ideal, is its depths of 10-20ft and when bait is located in the 10-20ft range around the buoys. Other factors like water clarity and water current play a big role in successfully finding these fish in pockets in the backwaters, or on the strips off the beaches. Either way these triple tail are a blast to catch on light tackle putting up a nice fight! Not to mention they are all visual eats at the surface! Making for a fun memorable trip every time you go out! Lastly these fish are delicious and better fresh when an angler can catch them themselves, serving as ocean to plate!

I recommend giving triple tail fishing a try this summer when you get the chance!

-Ryan Collins

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