Full moon snapper fishing

When fishing the bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico, certain periods of times make for even better fishing. One of those times is during and around the full moon! When there is a full moon that shines bright on the water at night and has a strong tidal effect, can have a positive effect on fishing and really get the fish fired up. During the full moon everything seems to feed aggressively, snapper in particular really become active. During the right tide swing the snapper may school up under the full moon and feed great at night and even during the tidal swings of the daytime. Fishing around reefs and wrecks during these periods can produce bountiful catches and produce some big bites, looking for key features like surface bait, stacked bait in a column, or schools of fish on the bottom is key to finding these snapper and Grouper. Using light tackle and heavy tackle make for some exceptional fishing. I recommend getting out in the water next time the full moon arises in the spring!

-Ryan Collins

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