Springtime tripletail

When Fishing offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, during the spring time the triple tail bite seems to pick up. Some of the key features to target is obviously floating structure, whether it be a floating palette or weed line it has to be some sort of structure to hold the triple tail in place. Another key feature is bait, if there is an excess of bait around, such as greenbacks, there will be more likely to be triple tail in the area. Triple tail often cooperate well, But seem to feed the most aggressively during the swinging of the tides so keep that in mind. When fishing for triple tail using light tackle is key I prefer a thin diameter 30 pound white PowerPro braided line and a 20 pound flourocarbon leader ties off to a 2/0 circle hook. This small presentation Gives me the utmost advantage when stealthy sight casting these triple tail for optimized success. Triple tail are a fun fish to target and sight cast at as well as they are a great eating fish! Try fishing for triple tail this spring if you get a chance!

-Ryan Collins

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