Bluewater Sight casting

When sight casting the bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico anglers get to enjoy the visual action just beneath the surface! Typically when sight casting, Angler’s first acquire a target whether it be a school of Spanish mackerel busting at the surface on glass minnows, tunas swarming behind a shrimp boat or even triple tail hanging off a floating pallet these are all visual targets the angler can see! Once the angler has visualized the fish they can then begin to make their approach of casting, typically like Tackle, at said target. When approaching the target the anglers on the boat want to remain as stealthy as possible, by slowly approaching the target, anglers increase their odds of connecting with the fish. When sight casting it’s is best for Angler’s to use light tackle but in some cases depending on the species may require heavy Tackle. Using small live bait circle hooks and flourocarbon leader is best. This stealthy approach will help the Anglers success rate.

The sheer beauty of sight casting is the spectacle that the anglers get to enjoy that typically is not seen when bottom fishing the Gulf of Mexico. As the angler makes their cast the excitement is just about to begin, once your bait or lure hits the water game on, as the angler is able to visualize both the bait & the gamefish dance in the water. The angler gets to enjoy seeing the presence of the bait and the fish before and during when the strike occurs! Leaving no tug on the line to the imagination. Watching the sheer power, tenacity and speed of an offshore gamefish attack your bait is one of the coolest sights in sportfishing. The angler gets to enjoy this amazing natural spectacle unfold right before their own eyes! Usually a lasting memory, these types of bites are some of the coolest an angler can experience and I highly recommend giving this special opportunity a try next time you get a chance!

-Ryan Collins

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