Springtime reef fishing

In the spring, the intricate reef systems of the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico begin to bloom with life. When The reefs come to life, fishing can be at its pinnacle. Giving anglers plenty of opportunity to catch a variety of species from all over the spectrum. One of the neat things about fishing over the reef is that the angler truly never know what they’re going to catch on any given drop. From snapper and grouper to even king mackerel, The reef hosts such diversity of species. There is a wide spectrum of techniques an angler can implement when Fishing over the reef. Traditional chumming to live chumming to even live bating and fishing with Lures. Angler’s have the choice to fish their preference. Fishing during the tidal swings tends to be best while fishing over the reefs, sometimes the bite picks up later in the day and sometimes the bite is best in the morning. When the fishing is really good the bite will sustain throughout the entire day over the reef. These make for great days of fishing. Using either light tackle or heavy tackle for certain species anglers can have fun all day long and stay entertained catching fish while filling the cooler to take home. I recommend giving reef fishing in the blue waters of the gulf of Mexico a try next time you get the opportunity!

-Ryan Collins

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