Springtime Snapper

During the springtime in the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico the bite really begins to heat up. With warmer water temps the fishing really begins to turn on. Fishing for spring time snapper in the bluewaters of the Gulf is just heating up! Snapper known for their aggressive bites and big schools of fish make for a great sportfish to target in the springtime. As the warmer currents in the gulf push in closer, the snapper move in closer, hanging around reefs and wrecks within 30-70ft of water. These snapper feed heavily during the right moon phases and tide swings in the springtime. When targeting these snapper anglers can have plenty of luck using a variety of live baits on the bottom, such as pilchards, shrimp and even pogies. These baits all work well when bottom Fishing and entice multitude of bites from the school of snapper. Sometimes an angler can create a successful bite by “chumming the spot.” when an angler chums the spot they bring the snapper to them. By chumming, anglers can draw the school of snapper off the reef and up in the water column to bring up the school of snapper all the way to the surface to feed. Sometimes creating a feeding frenzy right at the surface or subsurface.

Another great technique to use for big mangrove and red snapper, is by fishing jigs on the bottom. By Hopping and popping the jigs around the structure can draw in bites from a distance, whether it’s a buck tail jig or a butterfly jig this can also be a successful technique to get big snapper to bite.

This particular Mangrove snapper above was caught bottom bouncing a bucktail jig around the reef.. this snapper was caught on the first drop!

Give springtime snapper fishing a try next time you get a chance to fish the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico.

-Ryan Collins

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