Springtime Spanish mackerel

In the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico, during the spring, bait becomes more abundant than ever as the water temperatures begin to rise. Both pilchards and glass minnows begin to actively school up in bait balls around the reefs and wrecks, stacking up in the water column. When this happens it draws in predator fish such as Spanish mackerel. These schools of mackerel feed on the baitfish aggressively near the surface, often times jumping out of the water during a feeding frenzy. A great way to target these fish is using jigs or spoons to cast and retrieve through the schools of bait in order to get a bite from the mackerel. Anglers can have action all day long with these schools of mackerel. These mackerel bite aggressively and run hard making them a fun sportfish to target during the spring.

-Ryan Collins

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