Springtime Grouper

When fishing for Grouper in the early spring time there are plenty of ways to target these Grouper offshore. When water temperatures heat up and the fish push a further bit offshore, the bite can be on fire. Anglers can have plenty of luck implementing the same techniques to catch Grouper, that work well year round. The Grouper again hang around the reefs, wrecks and rocks on the bottom, really hugging the structure. By targeting the reefs anglers can find these Grouper. Dropping down cut or live baits work well to entice bites! Jigs and lures work well too when the fish are feeding aggressively such as during a full moon. Grouper are known for their strong fighting ability, with a tail as wide as a broom they can move a ton of water with just one kick of the tail. Really big Grouper are often hard to pull up off the bottom, these fish require heavy tackle. Not only do Grouper put up a big fight, fun for any angler, they also are a fine eating fish as well. They make for great table fair. These tasty red grouper have a year round season, making them an ideal species to target offshore year round.

-Ryan Collins

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