Amberjack in the Bluewater

When fishing for greater amberjack in the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico anglers can easily target these jacks off the the reefs and wrecks. Similar to other pelagic species such as king mackerel, these AJ hang around the reefs swimming in schools. Anglers can use a few different presentations when fishing for these schools. Dropping a jig and fishing it fast vertically through the water column is one good way to entice bites. Both dead and live baits are two other great options that can fire up the school into a complete feeding frenzy! Amberjack are known to feed in flurries, when one fish is feeding and or hooked up, many other AJ’s instantly trigger into feeding mode. These feeding flurries are often sustained over long periods of time and produce plenty of bites over the reefs. In addition, the sight of schooling amberjack is a captivating sight. Known for their curiosity amberjack often swim right up to the boat. Lastly, and most importantly these AJ’s fight extremely hard, packed with power and stamina these fish don’t give up easy. They get they’re nickname “reef donkey” from where they are typically caught, over the reefs, & because they will leave Anglers sore all over from the strength of their fight. These AJs grow to upwards of 100+ lbs, and during their season they also make for good fillets on the grill or in the oven!

-Ryan Collins

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