Bluewater jig fishing

Fishing jigs over reefs in the blue waters of the golf of Mexico, is a proven way to catch a multitude of species from snapper to grouper and even king fish. These fish live around these reefs and aggressively feed throughout the day. When fishing these jigs over the reef, Anglers can utilize a few different methods when fishing these jigs. From a pop and drop, to a hop and stop method, even a rip and pull method. All three of these cadences are used during different times and throughout the corresponding water columns. These cadences are important because those are what trigger the bite from these aggressive gamefish, a quicker cadence like the rip and pull is designed to move faster and higher in the water column above the reef in order to attract speedy predators like kingfish that hang above the reefs. A hop and stop cadence is used to attract bottom hugging fish like Grouper and the pop and drop is for the intermittent water column where the snapper feed halfway up the reef. So it is important to know what’s bitting and where and an angler should be Fishing their jig. Normallly tipping the jig with a piece of bait like shrimp or squid or even an artificial tail helps to trigger strikes. So anglers should always keep that in mind. These jigs produce and can showcase a lot of success offshore. Give jig fishing a try next time your offshore

-Ryan Collins

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