Bluewater snapper fishing

Snapper fishing the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico is an awesome fishery. When targeting snapper offshore in the blue waters anglers can have success all day long from sun up till sundown. When targeting these snapper, they often cooperate very well making them ideal for offshore fishing. At times these snapper can be a bit finicky but typically are angler friendly. During the spring and fall months snapper tend to feed most aggressively. Using light tackle and sometimes heavy tackle, the snapper put up a good fight. With aggressive chompers the snapper hit the line hard letting the angler know they have a bite and a fish on the other end of the line. These snapper fight hard all the way to the surface in 60+ ft of water, head shaking tail beating trying to spit the hook. These snapper are known for their delicate fillets, and with a wide variety of different snapper from mangrove to American red and even Yellowtail hanging off the reefs in the Gulf of Mexico anglers can enjoy the full showcase the Bluewaters have to offer! Not to mention 50 nautical miles offshore the snapper are true giants worthy of a replica!

-Ryan Collins

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