Trolling Live baits

Trolling live bait is always been a sheer staple of fishing the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. From wahoo to king mackerel, trolling live baits can produce bites from a different array of pelagic fish. A few of my favorite live baits include; threadfin herring, blue runners and cigar Minnows, (that is if you can catch them.)

While trolling offshore the typical rig to use is a stinger rig, which consists of 12 inches of steel leader to treble hooks placed 6inches apart and a final circle hook placed at the front of the rig another 6 inches apart. Finally either a swivel or a haywire twist to complete the rig.

Once your bait is lively and securing your live well go ahead and rig your bait with the stinger rig. Take your bait, place the first circle hook through the nose area of the bait, then pin the first trouble hook by the dorsal fin and the last treble hook, put it towards the caudal fin.

Now once your baits are ready, put your reel into free spool & pitch them out off the back, now easily allow any where from 50-100yrds of line peel off the reel.

Simultaneously put the boat into gear & slow troll of 3 to 2 1/2 knots.

as you troll in the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico, be ready at a moments notice because you never know what you may just hook into, wahoo king mackerel and amberjack are all on the list.

-Ryan Collins

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