Bluewater Grouper Fishing

Bluewater Grouper Fishing is one of the oldest traditions in the Gulf of Mexico waters! Finding some of the biggest Grouper in the depths of the Gulf. With pictures of behemoth sized fish from generations before, these catches last a lifetime. These are the kind of fish that are worthy of a replica mount, or a picture on the wall! Anglers looking for a good fight and hearty meal, the Grouper won’t disappoint. These giants don’t get this big without being smart, as they grow bigger they push further offshore in search of food and habitat far away from the pressures of inshore. Targeting these Grouper requires going offshore anywhere from 50-100miles or more. Fishing in depths of over 100ft of water. Bait is key, in these Bluewaters, bigger is better! Finding a reef, rock or wreck is ideal when targeting these jumbos as they hold to structure. These Grouper put up the biggest fight off the bottom, solid like concrete slabs, these fish showcase their power & weight to the bottom once hooked. They always try and get up underneath the structure for safety or go back in their hole. An angler must heave the fish from the reef in order to successfully win the fight, if the fish gets in the structure they typically break the angler off. These fish loose their power about halfway up, as their air bladders double in size from the loss of surrounding pressure in the water column. Once they inflate, they float.. almost right to the surface, the trick is getting them off the bottom fast and aggressively, to insure a catch! Grouper this size are legendary, ranging from 30-200lbs.. whether it be a red grouper or a Warsaw Grouper these fish are the kings of the bottom.

-Ryan Collins

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