Spring Time Goliath Grouper

When the water starts to warm up in the Gulf of Mexico the goliath grouper start to become a lot more active from 40 miles offshore to even near shore. As the water temperature warms up the goliath grouper start to feed more aggressively and become even a bit territorial. When the water hits the magical temperature of 75° The groupers become most active. During this warming trend the groupers move around on the bottom in search of food and habitat. While these groupers search for fertile bottom, Anlgers have a lot of opportunity to catch these fish from both offshore to near shore. By using heavy tackle anglers have a shot at catching a behemoth and pulling it up to the surface. Fishing around bottom structure such as reefs and wrecks is most ideal when targeting to catch these grouper offshore and near shore. A truly sporty Gamefish, these grouper are fun to target for family and friends looking to catch a big fish with a lot of fight. The best part is these fish don’t require much patience, it often only takes a few minutes for the anglers to get a bite and get hooked up, thus making a very enjoyable fishing showcase. These Grouper are very sporty fish that always require catch and release practices! I recommend giving goliath grouper fishing a try next time you’re fishing the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico!

-Ryan Collins

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