Night Fishing for Grouper

sometimes when the bite gets finicky the best way to increase your odds as an angler is to take to the water at night, when the sun sets over the horizon, the bite comes alive. for certian species that can become finicky during certain times of the year like snapper and grouper, the best way to target these fish offshore during this time is at night. When the bite slows down during the day The trick is to fish for them at night. Running 40 miles offshore and fishing in 60 feet of water just like you would during the day, is the best way to go. Again bottom fishing just like how you would during the day, but once you get out there the results might surprise you. At night it’s even been recorded that the fish bite better, especially during a full moon when fish are feeding more aggressively. Not to mention sometimes there are stronger tides during the night that play a big factor. When the stars align and both the tide and the moon are just right it can produce for some of the biggest fish off the bottom! Giant grouper and snapper are feeding off the bottom during these nightly hours, can result in some pretty amazing fishing! I recommend giving Bluewater night fishing a try when the conditions are just right! -Ryan Collins

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