Gulf of Mexico Mahi-Mahi

Throughout the late spring and summer months mahi-mahi become more abundant in the offshore bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico. These Mahi are great to target whether site casting or trolling, usually found off floating structure, these mahi-mahi feed aggressively and cooperate very well with the anglers. Feeding at the surface the mahi-mahi is an easy game fish to target for all types of anglers. Putting up a magnificent fight with acrobatic leaps and showcasing beautiful colors, these mahi-mahi truly are a prize game fish and can grow to upwards of 50lbs. Not only known for their amazing colors the mahi-mahi is also a great eating fish as well. Many anglers Target this species as a sustainable resource because mahi-mahi is one of the fastest growing fish in the ocean. Anglers can have tons of action and load the boat full of mahi-mahi in short time. Making these game fish ideal for the offshore Anglers. Try targeting mahi-mahi next time you’re out in the offshore blue waters of the Gulf.

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