Targeting Grouper Offshore

When targeting a specific species like grouper offshore in the bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico an angler must locate fertile fishing grounds in 70-120ft. Whether this means locating bottom structure, bait or even contour changes it is key to locating where the grouper’s might be holding to said spot, in all that Bluewater. Once a good spot is located, it is up to the angler to utilize a wide spectrum of techniques to catch these aggressive feeders. An angler may implement a few different techniques from a staple such as bottom fishing, to lure fishing and even live bait fishing. All three techniques will produce bites, certain techniques work best in accordance with the seasons and water temperature. For instance lure fishing works best in the late spring and throughout the late summer months. No matter how you target these grouper the one common denominator is that these grouper require heavy tackle out in these Bluewaters. These fish go upwards of 50 pounds, & pull like a freight train. Once you’ve hooked into a big grouper.. game-on, as these fish attempt turn and run back to their coral home. Once hooked these fish put up a strong fight with constant pressure. If you’re not careful these fish were easily break you off on the structure below. The trick is to hoist the fish up and above the coral reef quickly, once being hooked, before the grouper has a chance to swim back down and rock the angler up. (Rocked up) ~ (term of Endearment from a grouper who has wedged his head into a rock crevice, and flares its gills that catch on the structure, making it impossible to reel the fish in without breaking your line.) As an angler you must avoid this at all costs, to catch that grouper it will require speed and strength while fighting the fish, but once it’s in open water it’s likely the angler will land the fish. Grouper make for fun fighting fish and great eating as well. Give grouper fishing a try next time you get the chance in the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico!

-Ryan Collins

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