Bottom Fishing with Artificials

When bottom fishing the bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico a good technique to utilize is fishing a lure on or around the bottom. For both grouper and snapper, 4 ounce to a half ounce jig works best when targeting these species offshore anywhere from 40ft to 120 feet of water. Fishing the lure with a lift and drop, or pop and fall method giving the artificial some life like action and mimicking a bait fish is all part of the technique. Without the action of the artificial the lure will most likely not get bit. Finding a preferred cadence that the fish are looking for is key, in cold waters slow down the cadence and in warmer waters speed it up. Nevertheless size and color also factor into the bite. A color that is hard to go wrong with in bluewaters is the color white. Now depending on the species size is a factor too, so try to match a bigger lure with a bigger fish, such as a grouper and a smaller lure for snapper! Again with all fishing in the Bluewaters of the Gulf of Mexico, anytime you’re fishing around structure or bait, an angler will increase their odds of catching fish, so always keep that in mind when bottom fishing with artificial’s. Next time you’re out in the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico try fishing an artificial to get hooked up or spooled by a big fish, sure to make your week! Good luck!

-Ryan Collins

Free fall 4oz jig artificial

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