Bluewater Sight Casting

Whether you’re fishing for triple tail, tuna or cobia, sight casting is one of the most effective methods. Sight casting is defined as (Visibly acquiring a target species at the surface or subsurface and accurately casting to the proximity of said target to entice a bite.)

Typically light, and in some cases heavy tackle is required (depending on species) thin braided line, I personally prefer 30lb PowerPro max Cuatro, Power Pro MaxCautro  tied off to a light leader and small circle hook is the go to setup on a variety of different spinning rods.

Some of the choice baits for this technique include shrimp, pilchards & crabs. All three of these baits produce bites from different species but that’s not to say you might not hook into other game fish. When sight casting the blue waters of the gulf, boat position is a big key, quietly positioning the boat and fishing with the current & tide lines puts the angler in position for optimal success when targeting floating debris or traps. Secondly always having additional live baits and additional rods ready to cast at a moments notice is crucial. This allows for secondary chances from stripped baits and break offs, as well as bites from multiple fish. Lastly it is important for the angler to always keep their eyes looking in the water. Wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses that help reduce glare and cut through through the water is important my favorite pair is the lightweight Reverb with Chroma Pop from Smith Optics SMITH OPTICS

Clear vision is key, often times when one fish bites he draws in a second fish behind him. When an angler can maintain visual contact of the events taking place beneath the surface the angler is more likely to see other fish lurking just out of sight. By maintaining vision the angler can find additional success and have an opportunity at catching a second and third fish. Certain species like tuna and cobia tend to school up offshore during a feeding frenzy, giving the angler and opportunity to boat multiple fish on the day. Sight casting is a repetitive technique and is a great one to utilize offshore, give it a try next time you’re fishing the offshore blue waters of the gulf, surely you will catch some fish off structure!

-Ryan Collins

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