Bottom Fishing the Gulf

When fishing offshore in the blue waters of the gulf, a fundamental technique is bottom fishing, (fishing a bait, lure or hook, on or near the bottom of the ocean floor enticing bites.) This technique is intended to target fish who spend most of their time gliding over the sandy bottom of the gulf. When bottom fishing in the gulf an angler must look for a few key features, one is bottom structure. fishing on top of structure amongst the sandy bottom desert that is the gulf of mexico’s trademark. This is where fish congregate because there are few places for big fish to hide with all that sand. Big structures like rock piles and reefs become occupied year round with big fish that make it their home.

Second key feature is bottom contour’s, if an angler can find a section of bottom with a slight drop off or depression amongst miles of flat sandy bottom then this is a good indicator that fish might be holding to this bottom contour. These areas sometimes have rocks in the vicinity making for better fishing grounds. Lastly another key feature is bait. Again if an angler can locate bait hanging off wrecks, rocks, or contours in general, when marking bait right on the bottom and throughout the water column is another indicator of a fertile bottom and solid fishing grounds! Anglers who take the 50+ mile run offshore in a quick center console can truly hook into some giant fish and some good eating ones too! These Wrecks in 70ft+ of water hold the big boy groupers and snappers. These fish are big, mean and smart. They pull hard and fight all the way to the finish! A true showcase of their power and will. These bluewater wrecks hold big carbo grouper, big mangrove and red snapper and even giant Warsaw grouper! These are fish that will last a lifetime, big ocean dwelling creatures that are an amazing sight to see, true bucket list fish in the gulf. These awesome species are sure to put a big smile on your face and some serious tension in your biceps, whether fighting these fish, putting them in the coffin box or holding them up for a picture. These species also make for great eating. I highly encourage taking an offshore trip anytime you get the chance!

-Ryan Collins

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