Summertime fishing for groupers.

Summertime is a productive time of year to target groupers offshore. The difference for the grouper fishery between early spring and mid-late summer is the distance. In the spring the grouper tend to be closer inshore frequently moving on the bottom looking for fresh meals, where as by the time the water temperature is well over 78 degrees they move further offshore more predominantly holding to bigger wrecks, rocks and bottom structure in 75ft plus. They hold and feed closer to the bottom this time of year as bait stacks are also more abundant closer to the bottom, & further offshore. As they search for bigger and heartier meals in the warmer water currents further offshore.

When running further offshore to target these grouper anglers will have the most luck connecting with these grouper when targeting bottom structure that these fish are living on, a key for anglers looking find the bite is truly by honing in on bottom structure. Maybe if it even means idling around scanning the bottom for structure and bait until locating a fertile fishing ground. A singular structure alone can be home to some of the biggest grouper offshore. It is no secret that the grouper like to hold to bigger individual pieces of bottom content like a boulder or big rock on the bottom. Some of these isolated structures will hold the biggest fish on the entire ocean floor. Often times during the summer months, by anglers having multiple coordinates to fish and knowing the individual bottom structure anglers can boat some of the biggest grouper all day long. In other words as the biggest fish really do come out to play all year during the longer and warmer days in the summer. Fishing live pinfish and big sardines on the bottom during the summer months, around marked bottom structures and low water column bait, can often ring the dinner bell for the king on the bottom. Many other bait selections work well like like big 5oz plus jigs, 5oz weight and a free lined bait even cut squid. Identifying bait and structures further offshore in more than 100ft will really produce the big grouper bites that are not as commonly seen. Fishing multiple structures offshore will really increase the numbers caught offshore.

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