Springtime Tunas

Targeting tunas and feeding patterns during the spring and summers months. Tunas are constantly feeding offshore during the occurring weather patterns and moon phases. As weather and water temperatures become more ideal, the strong warm currents funnel bait and the tunas closer in offshore. Following the occurring bait pattens they also feed extremely heavily and predictably during the strong offshore tidal and moons phases making them a exciting and fun gamefish to target for both serious and recreational offshore anglers during those times. These tunas predictably feed on surface bait and even small squid during the full moons, giving anglers a small productive window to run offshore and load the boat full with these exceptionally good eating tunas during these high feeding periods. As Tunas target baits and squid at the surface during the full moons in both spring and summer and even into early fall, anglers can target these tunas also during the strong tides, when the full moon is in affect offshore. By using light line and light leader anglers can use a wide spectrum of baits to throw at these tunas. From hard plastic surface plugs to small and even big live baits bridled on a circle hook and really many other baits will work well during these feeding frenzies. As the tide starts to increase and water currents offshore are moving quickly, big schools of tuna carrell bigger schools of bait fish near the surface. When these bait fish swim tighter and higher in the water column the tunas break off, torpedoing through the schools of bait looking to pick off meals for dinner. Usually these periods of high feeding activity last throughout the swinging of the tides from either low to high, or high to low. Often times the tidal direction in not a factor but just the presence of bait, a full moon and a strong swinging tide will really get these tunas fired up at the surface. During these tidal times the surface may erupt with feeding tunas as far as the eye can see, schools of nearly 500-1000 will arise in a hot boiling school at the surface, often times multiple schools will be  feeding during these few days before and after the full moon. The bite may last well into dusk and some schools of tuna will move further down in the water column during dusk to gorge on squid. This gives the anglers a perfect window to fish a truly awesome bite that occurs offshore only during the days surrounding full moon. Some times these factors line up late in the day during the last hours of dusk. Anglers can have exceptional days planning these days offshore, acquire bait beforehand and being prepared for a lot of action offshore.

IMG_3389-Ryan Collins

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