Summertime Wahoo Fishing

During the summer months the wahoo become more common & abundant offshore, stalking the reefs and wrecks from afar usually suspended 40ft off the bottom in 80plus feet of water. These wahoo wait as schools of snapper, tunas and mackerels swim on by, these streamline rockets with impeccable racing stripes are one of the fastest fish in all the oceans. Stealthily observing and praying on bait fish that unknowingly swim into its line of sight. These wahoos strike in a split second, they’re strike’s are vicious under the water, Wahoos hit their prey with enough force that they can crush gills on impact and sever tails with their powerful jaws in a single strike. Wahoos have a fast metabolism and need to feed constantly to grow. A great way to enticing a strike from these wahoos is a high speed trolling that will inhibit an aggressive reaction bite from these natural born predators. As these lures move rapidly by the wahoos instincts kick in and in the blink of an eye crush the lure moving in the spread. In addition to trolling wahoos are often targeted with live baits, using skipjacks, mullet and even blue runners will entice a wahoo into bitting when fishing around their feeding grounds. Targeting these Wahoos with both artificial lures and alive or cut baits have proven to be equally as effective. Wahoos across the world feed differently according to their habitats. On the east coast wahoos prey around ledges and water color changes and floating structure like weed lines. In the gulf coast, wahoos are typically targeted off solid structures like an old shrimp boat wreck or oil rig. Either way you go about catching these thoroughbred racers, the right colors sizes and presentations play a big role for the these keen eyesight predators.

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