Springtime Yellowtail Fishing

During the mid to late spring months the yellowtail snapper move closer in offshore on the wrecks and ledges, giving a fun and ample opportunity for anglers to catch these sporty and tasty fish on light tackle, using both spin and conventional setups throughout spring and early summer is ideal when targeting these gamefish. As sardines, herring and glass minnows arise throughout the offshore currents holding over wrecks and bottom structure, they make for the yellowtail snappers main forage, along with shrimp and other crustaceans that live on the reefs. Anglers can have the most success targeting yellowtail snapper offshore beyond the 10mile mark. Locating bottom structure and suspended or surface bait is ideal to locating good fishing grounds to drop anchor. During a strong moving or swinging tide these snappers tend to bite the best, and are known to be abundant during the full moons. When fishing the snapper a few feet off the bottom, utilizing a small 3/8 to 1 full ounce buck tail jigs hopping off the bottom work well tipped with a wide spectrum of natural baits. In some instances even vertical jigging these yellowtails, with spoons and flutter jigs proves to be equally as effective, especially when the school is fired up. Yellowtail snapper are easily excited in the water when a feeding opportunity presents itself. To fire up a school of snapper on the bottom, dropping chucks of cut mullet or cut even pilchards will fire up the snapper schools holding on the bottom, in opposition soaking a bag of chum behind the boat is a great way to pull that same aggressive snapper school up off the bottom and up in the water column and some instances right off the props. Fishing a small circle hook on light fluorocarbon leader is the preferred method when free lining fresh live baits such as pilchards, greenbacks and even shrimp. Pitching the live baits in the chum slick  will produce bites higher in the water column during the snapper feeding frenzy. However it is that you choose to fish for these snapper the thinner diameter line is most effective from both the leader and mainline. Not only is the thinner diameter advantageous for anglers detecting subtle and finicky bites, but these yellowtail snapper also have incredible eyesight and will deter from biting both thick lines and hooks. Using light tackle will help increase the anglers overall catch ratio and help the angler load the cooler full of yellowtail. Yellowtail snapper are a fun sport fish to target that provide a lot of action, they also make for a great eating fish to put in the cooler. Targeting these aggressive snapper gamefish for sport on light tackle is a very fun sport fishing technique that is available in the bluewaters just offshore.    

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