Summer Time Fishing



Summer time fishing can offer some of the finest fishing offshore, more so than any other time of year. During the summer months some of the warmest currents all year move closer in. Both baitfish and gamefish are abundant offshore during these long warm summer days. Many anglers have luck finding bitting fish all over the spectrum, from free flowing mahi-mahi on floating surface structure, to tunas erupting endlessly on the horizon, some anglers even have their best luck connecting with Broadbill Swordfish in depths of 1000 feet or more. The summer months offer some of the best multi-species opportunities out on the water annually. These warmer currents tend to pull some of the bigger more aggressive gamefish closer in, than any other time of year. When the bait is holding closer offshore so do the predatory fish. Likewise big schools of amberjacks and red snapper become more abundant closer in on the wrecks which can be great long lasting action packed bites all day long, perfect for recreational anglers to fire up and engage offshore. Summer time fishing offshore really does offer a wide array of gamefish to target even certain unfrequent species are occasionally caught offshore in the summer months, such as African Pompano, and queen snapper! Fishing wrecks and bait near the bottom in summer months can produce these rarely seen species offshore. The summer time fishery is also known for its hot billfish fishery. As these warmer water currents move closer, many billfish species follow them in. Billfish like Broadbill Swordfish, Marlin and Sailfish find there way in closer among these warm summer gulf currents. When their food sources also move across the gulf closer to the coast. All three of these species will accordingly follow these currents in closer. Although sailfish are not commonly caught any other times of the year, they are found offshore throughout the spring and summer more abundantly, more so than other months. These sailfish are often found feeding on the surface around massive bait schools such as cigar minnows and even small mahi’s that hang around floating structure offshore. During the late summer months targeting deep water and bluewater species like Marlin and Swordfish is a known world class fishery. These Marlin and Swordfish move closer up the loop current targeting bait and warm water currents as they move from 3500ft of water to 1000ft of water during the longer warmer summer days. Serious Anglers can find themselves having the most luck targeting, temperature changes and bottom contour such as drop-offs and ledges that are in 1000ft or so. Pulling dredges and deep dropping for these Bluewater beasts are staple techniques. Bites will often occur throughout the day, some anglers even speculate the best swordfish bites come during the evening and low light hours. Anglers looking to go offshore in the summer months can dial in on an amazing fishery and even land a few gamefish trophies, creating some incredible memories that will last a lifetime! This summertime fishery truly does offer a wide spectrum of fishing opportunities offshore for both the avid and recreational anglers to enjoy.

-Ryan Collins

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