Sport Fishing for Goliath Grouper

When fishing for the Goliath grouper, targeting wrecks anywhere from 30-60ft typically hold a Goliath grouper or two offshore, depending on the time of year, bottom structure, & viable food source. Sometimes structures can hold even a whole school during the right time of year. When finding the correct structure, bigger bottom structures like ship wrecks and dumped concrete platforms and even bigger artificial reefs hold big fish that inhabit the area long term. Fishing these behemoths require heavy tackle and a ready angler to hoist to the Goliath to the surface. Targeting Goliath grouper are a very fun game fish to target for recreational anglers, Goliath’s put up an unmatched fight. When it comes to finding a big fish that puts up an even bigger fight these are the go to species that don’t require a lot of searching or waiting. The Goliath’s are perfect because they do not hesitate to inhale a bait, fresh or frozen. A wide selection of baits work well goliath’s don’t tend to shy away from a free meal. In an essence they make for a great sport fish because they are all weight and power, and will make the angler exert every ounce of energy and wit, to tire the beast all the way to the surface!

When looking to target a big fish for an unforgettable memory with friends and family these Goliath’s make the ultimate game fish. Not having to spend multiple hours or even days on the water looking for a bite. Instead these Goliath’s are a mere couple miles offshore and a few big ones that inhibit the inshore waters, that become targets for days when its to rough to go further offshore.

Just one drop to the bottom and you might get bite before your bait even has time to soak on the bottom. The Goliath’s are sure not to disappoint when the angler is attempting to entice a bite! They make for an incredible fishing memory of a big catch! They are always fun for anglers to target. Equally as important for the angler to always release these creatures back into the water, as they are a protected species. Additionally recreational anglers must always keep the Goliath grouper swimming in the water upon the hook removal, photo and release!

-Ryan Collins

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