Preferred Fishing Knots for Offshore

There are many different types of fishing knots for the offshore realm. A few favorites that I tie pretty consistently are a loop knot, a snell knot and an improved clinch knot. All three of these knots are great for tying directly off to your hook. Each with a slightly different application, they work well to increase bites and landed fish! The loop knot is Perfect for fishing light jigs and live bait with a sense of increased action throughout the water column to entice finicky fish when the bite is tough in certain instances.  The snell knot its to help the direction of the hook set and reduce the leader from being bitten through by toothy fish. The improved clinch is a very strong and slender knot that has a wide spectrum of applications from its improved durability great for tying braided line and other micro-filament lines too!

A few other fishing knots that I commonly tie offshore, are a bimini twist, a tuna knot and a san Diego jam. The bimini twist is classified as a loop knot & works great, even for tying on leader or topshot. Traditionally the bimini twist is considered a bluewater billfish knot with plenty of other applications. Both the tuna knot and san diego jams are a doubled line knot, perfect for big game and heavy tackle, whether fishing with big live baits or heavy, metal vertical jigs!

For steel wire applications, a few favorites are a figure eight knot when putting hooks on a harness or attaching a swivel. A classic haywire twist is preferred when closing wire on a hook or leader. In addition aluminum crimps are perfect for crimping down heavy lures for all sorts of trolling from billfish to wahoo and grouper. Aluminum crimps will eliminate the weak link of knots snapping due to the high tension during a strike and on the troll!



-Ryan Collins


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