Targeting Surface Bait & Reefs Offshore


When the water temperature climbs over 70 degrees, a vast amount of bait starts to show up, in offshore currents & offshore reefs. With as much life and bait that move over the structure and throughout the currents, this activity brings in the predatory fish as well! Often times reports of iridescent sailfish, mammoth kingfish, and even full blown blackfin tunas reveal themselves at the surface! Not to mention the occasional cobia! These predators make for some of the best Sport Fishing around!! These specific species show up pretty seasonally as they follow the occurring bait patterns offshore. Targeting, marking and fishing the surface bait is a great way for the Angler to target these species and many more species, while putting themselves in a strike zone! Locating the right bait ball is also key, sardines, ballyhoo and blue runners tend to be some of the better surface bait to fish around producing bigger bites and better target gamefish. A note to add, knowing the difference between the baits and they’re aligning predators feeding habits is a must when culminating a specific bite offshore.

When effectively fishing the offshore currents, reefs and bait patterns, Anglers can hook into just about anything offshore! Thats the beauty, you may never truly know the fish on the other end of the line, until you can lay eyes on it boat side! Some reports of catches of even big tiger shark, wahoo and spearfish!



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