Kite fishing for surface pelagics

Kite fishing goggle eyes on conventional reels for, pelagic, sailfish and other surface predators!

While targeting sailfish, tunas and wahoos, kite fishing is a great tactic to utilize. The technique of kite fishing allows for the Angler to get the bait stealthy away from the boat. In addition to covering a vast amount of water while getting the bait out away from the boat on a slow drift and windy day. The distance of 100-300 yards of flying your bait out on a line, attached to a release clip on the kite, should give the Angler plenty of space from the boat. This tactic is one of the best when trying to get weary fish to bite. The kite method will eliminate a line and leader in the water, giving the Angler a big advantage when targeting fish with keen eyesight. The full spread of the kite will allow the Angler to get the live bait away from the boat, the release clip will easily release the line when the fish bites.

A choice bait for the kite set up, preferably is a goggle eye, these are a prime bait for sailfish, tunas and wahoos, even mahi’s will woof ’em down. Bridiling these goggles through the nose with a surgical rubber band around a 3-4ott circle hook is just perfect for the surface bite. Leveraging your bait just on the surface when hanging from the kite is a proven way. Marking surface bait or mid water column bait is also ideal, surface activity is a good indicator that the kite bite is on. Water temperatures 65 degrees or above are also a good indicator. Making long drifts for multiple nautical miles at a time from 2-6knts is ideal, wind speeds between 10-20 knots are good days for the kite. This will help cover a lot of water and help locate hungry sails feeding in the following current!

-Ryan Collins



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