Selecting live baits offshore

While their is a variety of different baits to load up on and put in the livewell when targeting a variety of different species offshore. There are also a few different bait patterns that arise and diffuse throughout the year with the following weather patterns. Some choice baits for offshore, while fishing almost year round are; goggle eyes,  ballyhoo and white bait. These baits tend to get bit on even the toughest days.

Certain types of baits excel when targeting certain species of gamefish, for example during the spring and fall when fishing around big bait balls, surface bait or bait hanging near or above structure. Fishing with live bait such as blue runners, and cigar minnows are great baits to use while targeting fish feeding on big bait balls. Fish like wahoo, & kingfish, typically hang around big masses of bait. Keying on bigger specimens.

During late spring, & throughout early fall anglers will find themselves fishing around a lot of surface bait, during these times smaller lively baits do well, such as white bait, and ballyhoo. Fish like Tuna and Mahi are commonly found feeding on the surface bait or even around floating structure making these baits primo offshore baits for anglers.

late winter and early spring, some of the best baits for offshore anglers targeting migrational patterns are goggle eyes and cigar minnows typically fished at the surface. During this time anglers are typically targeting sailfish and other species feeding near the surface.

lastly their are live baits that work best for bottom fishing, when targeting groupers and snappers, live baits like sardines and pinfish tend to get the biggest bites off the bottom. These baits are perfect for getting the big ones on the bottom to bite.

-Ryan Collins









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