Color Selection in the Spring!



When it comes to Angling, color selection plays a big role in the days success. Color selection can sometimes feel a bit over whelming, but deciphering the colors that fish tend to bite best is extremely advantageous for the angler.

So here are a few tips to note while choosing colors for the next time your on the water.

During the transitional times of the year fish tend to feed more aggressively. This is because the fish are feeding heavily for the winter months as the water temperatures are begging to drop. Same thing goes in the spring, as the water temperatures start rising over 65 degrees, the fish feed more aggressively following movements & staging patterns of their bait. During these transitional months we tend to find fish bitting better on bright or dark colors such as (Pink, Chartreuse and dark blue) this is because, on any given day water clarity may visibly be less than both summer and winter water clarity, because of factors like algae blooms, water turnover and stronger tides. These bright & dark colors are easily visible in contrast with the stained and poor water clarity making them ideal colors for those transitional times of year. Fish tend to look for more aggressive colors during these times of year as they are constantly feeding.

During the winter and Summer water clarity seems to be at its best, for these conditions natural colors like silver, white and gold tend to work the best, mimicking natural bait patterns. Keep in mind that in both winter and summer fish may also be feeding heavily, the bites just may not be as aggressive.

Hope this article was helpful & educational in selecting lure colors! I hope that you can put this knowledge to good use this spring and summer out on the water!

-Ryan Collins


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