Sight Casting Mahi-Mahi !!

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Pitching ballyhoos at mahi-mahi is a simple way to catch these pelagic’s effectively, dolphinfish cooperate very well and are a sporty and fun gamefish to target. These colorful schools of fish, feed aggressively at the surface, crashing flying fish and other bait, they usually tend to cling to floating structure. When locating these fish offshore looking for tidelines, floating structure, surface bait and birds are usually all good indicators that Mahi might be around. Mahi usually swim and feed in schools from 10-40 dolphinfish at a time. Because of their nature, mahi-mahi are aggressive feeders and put on a show in the water, gliding around on a dime, preying in the top of the water column. These fish are fun to target all year round, rigging a 2-3 Ott circle hook with a 20lb-15lb fluorocarbon leader tied off to 20lb braid, can make for some great fishing on the water. Ballyhoo baits or live pilchards are perfect for sight casting, while targeting schools of fish migrating or hanging to structure. But the fun does not stop there. Dolphinfish can be really fun to target with lures, these lures can even make for very effective catches through out the day, saving the angler time and money of not having to rebait, but just firing the lure back out when the dorado’s (Mahi) are in a feeding frenzy! Mahi Mahi are a great species to target for novice and even the most experienced anglers alike, usually where there is one there is plenty more, giving anglers the opportunity to have a banner day and load the boat! All anglers on board can partake in catching mahi-mahi as they are not tentative to hit a lure or bait, and extremely fun to catch! Often times you can chum up Mahi to the boat, by pitching bait just off the gunnels, bringing a school of feeding Mahi to you. In addition it is also not uncommon, to come across a few giant Mahi roaming the oceans by themselves or in a pair!

Hope this article was helpful and next time your out fishing you can have some fun or even a banner day targeting Mahi Mahi offshore!

-Ryan Collins


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