Free lining chunk meat for Mangrove Snapper



While targeting snappers like mangroves and mutton snapper, these fish have greater sense of smell. Targeting these fish with red chunk meat will make a good source of bait because of the high blood content in the meat. These chunks are great for strong smellers like these snappers. Starting with either a chum bag at the surface or dropping the red meat on jig hook to the ocean floor, these snapper will follow the trial of meat and blood while the tides and moon phases are right. Snapper still have keen eyesight so using a light fluorocarbon leader and small circle hook will work well, tying off to light braid about 30lbs or less is useful too. With these snapper the more subtle movements of your bait, the more success you will have in getting bites, gently feeding the line to the fish will allow the bait to look as if it is naturally falling to the bottom with the current. Sudden movements of the rod or jumping of the line will deter bites immediately, the snapper are looking for very little movement like pieces of meat dropping from a shark kill. In addition with these snapper when using and ultra small circle hook, no need to set the hook, simply reel down on the circle hook, this will not give the snapper time to spit the hook, keeping a nice hookset, and the fight is on.    

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