Butterfly Jigs for Tuna and Wahoo



Fishing with butterfly jigs and other speed jigs is like no other, dropping your polished metal jig to the ocean floor with steel leader and 30lb braid, then speed retrieving it up the water column is bound to produce some serious bites. Fishing around bottom structure and bait make these jigs ideal. As they sink to the bottom their erratic action, shimmer and reflection send refractions through the water at a great distance, predators with keen eyesight like tuna wahoo and snapper can spot the action and reflections from miles away and find your lure falling in the water column like a wounded baitfish. Thus activating predator like instincts to eat and feed at high speeds with alot of power! These butterfly jigs draw a lot of attention and mimic baitfish perfect for a variety of species, when jigging these jigs. Many strikes will come on the fall, before your lure ever hits the bottom! The strikes may also occur as the lure is rapidly rising in the water column, but strikes rarely happen when the lure is dead still. Thus pumping and reeling the jig through the water column at variable rates, and distances works well. Then opening the bail to free drop the lure to the bottom is the ideal retrieving technique into enticing bites! Although at the bottom of the ocean floor, you might even get some surprising bites from bottom fish like grouper and snapper! Keeping the jig moving either up or down is most important to successfully fishing these jigs!

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