FL West Coast Bluewater Triple Crown ! (Tag Release Repeat) Billfish

FL West Coast Bluewater Series, into the wild blue yonder we go! Fishing offshore in some of the most pristine untouched blue water off the central coast of Florida. Voyaging nearly 250 plus nautical miles offshore to tag and release, white and blue marlin as well as a variety of other billfish species, for conservation efforts, in hopes to track and manage stocks of these magnificent gamefish in the west coast gulf-stream for future generations to enjoy the legacy these fish have held for generations, even certain books like.. The old man and the sea is a bluewater anglers dream! Targeting these billfish, Marlin, Sailfish and Broadbill Swordfish, can to be tricky to locate and target in such depth of nearly 2,000 feet, and takes a skillful fisherman to get the job done. Traditionally anglers and teams are fishing for a wide variety of billfish to increase the success rates of hookups. Trolling and out-rigging seem to be the norm, while in depths of up to 350 fathoms or more attempting to raise a few big blues in the spread to Tag and Release a couple unicorns from the depths. The FL West Coast Bluewater Series is a triple crown tournament where teams rack up points for tagging and releasing billfish throughout three different events, the winner is crowned after the final tags have been tallied up after the last event of series, I had the opportunity of fishing the event, which was such a blast, we saw countless different species, located a few sailfish grounds, saw two magical boils of the Man in the Blue Suit (Blue Marlin)  in the spread and even raised a Covenant spearfish behind the boat! Up until the early morning hours of connecting with two Broadbill swordfish in depths of 170 fathoms (1000ft) on outrigged squid!
After the salt spray dried, and the docks were at low tide, our team placed 4th overall and had a successful trip and series offshore! Great reassurance seeing such a lively fishery offshore and knowing there are fish for future generations on the next tide!

-Ryan Collins

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